Sunday, April 23, 2017


Martinique was a wonderful trip. We were finally getting short and direct flights from our local airport to the Caribbean, I'm not sure that service is still available so I'm pretty happy to have taken advantage of it to visit this lovely island.

This is one developed island, but there are also a lot of gorgeous natural features. It's also a volcanic island so there are a lot of rolling hills, and some black sand beaches.

We wanted to hike on Martinique, so we did a pretty challenging hike into the rim.

The views were spectacular, and it was hot but not unbearable so we went pretty far.

I snapped a lot of pictures the entire way.

There were some steep drops, and once we got into what was once the caldera of the volcano, it cooled down and got very humid. The weather changed a lot on this relatively brief hike, but there were some decent altitude changes.

After our hike it was time to see some beaches. We found a car to be more or less essential for all of our activities, but we got to see a lot of the island.

Anse Turin is a beach that runs down one coast of the island. It's easily accessible and we basically just pulled into a parking space and then walked along the quiet beach.

It was nearing the end of the great day and time to get some food. We had rented a nice apartment (using TripAdvisor) and had some groceries to cook, although on our first night we had a decent takeout pizza.

The next day we headed down to this rocky little beach, Anse Mitan that's in the area of Trois Islets, which was easy to find. The road signs on this island were good, but traffic moves fast.

It was time to move on to a new beach, we had a couple right next to each other at our next stop and selected the black sand beach which was in a little cove, Anse Noire.

There were kayak rentals and plenty of locals hanging out around here. We spent a little time before heading off to the Grande Anse du Diamant, so named because of Diamond Rock, to the left in the photo below.

There's lots of action around this cool beach.
We met a new friend, below.

We also found a local cemetery in the town, and walked through for some photos.

On the way back to our place we took some photos of the setting sun and below, on our balcony in our rental we got to enjot the setting sun. It would be an easy rental car return and a walk (literally, it took 4 minutes) to the airport. 

I'd love to go back so please Norwegian Air, bring service back to these islands from BWI!

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