Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Santiago, Chile

After leaving Patagonia and starting the long journey home, we stopped in Santiago, Chile for a few days.  It was a lovely city. There are lots of South American cities that have a bit of a European, colonialist feel about them, and this city was no different. We had a good time here though.

The weather was a little dreary on our first day there but that didn't stop us from doing our usual meandering around the city. 

Like many cities, it has unattractive spots, and beautifully manicured places. We still found it to be walkable, enjoyable, and friendly. Not a lot of people speak English around these parts, but some do, and we found the locals to be pretty nice either way.

Santiago is quite a large city. We din't get to spend time in very many parts of it, but we stayed in the central area and there was plenty going on. There is also a decent subway system so you can get around if you want (though we unfortunately had to take a bus from the airport, the system does not extend there). 

This little cobblestone neighborhood had that distinctive European feel more than any other area.

Randomly, on our second morning there we came across a protest involving some high school or college-aged kids. And some dogs. Pretty harmless.

On this day we were making our way to Sky Costanera, the tallest building in South America.

We passed a bridge of locks - a bit unoriginal for any place by now if you ask me.
Still, that's a lot of locks. Makes for some fun photos.

There was a lot of green on our walk.. it made me see Santiago as a beautiful city.

Finally, we made it to the building...

... tall indeed ...

and getting up there was easy.
We had fun wandering around, checking out 360 degree views on two floors.

And you can get a sense of the size and scope of the urban landscape.

On the second, top, viewing floor, the roof is more or less open.

After taking lots of time to snap photos, it was time to head out.

On the lower floors, there is a mall. We had a pretty nice meal in the food court.

Back outside, it was time to start the walk back. 

Above, one last look at the tallest building in South America.
Below, a cute little house practically just across the street.

We stopped to check out some dogs in a local park where construction was confusing our way to the gondolas, and we ended up skipping it. That took us to this cool sculpture garden further down the road..

I found lots of pieces that I liked here.

Back on our gorgeous, green path... was a nice day in early Spring.

Our time in Santiago was coming to a close, and after a long time in Patagonia and a few days here, I was ready to be home. But I liked Santiago, and would definitely recommend it as a great alternative or companion to a Buenos Aires visit - especially now that there is no reciprocity fee for American tourists visiting Chile. It's inexpensive, safe, and culturally rich.

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