Thursday, September 8, 2016

Alaskan Cruise Part II - Juneau, Haines, Victoria BC, SF

The first part of our trip was chronicled in Part I.
We managed to pack a lot in to our time in port; it's not unusual for us to pack as much as possible into out trips. I generally try to maximize the time we've got, and we're also used to being a bit short on time - something truly characteristic of cruises. While in Juneau we decided to also go on a hike that provided another dose of stunning viewpoints. 

It was a lovely place that was, somehow, secluded and devoid of other tourists even though many other ships were in port at the same time as us. 

Again, the weather wasn't ideal for taking photos. But one nice thing about this sort of weather, it's not hot and hiking was pleasant.

Afterwards, w took a look around town and had a nice lunch on the waterfront.

I really enjoy photographing flowers, and Alaska provided tons of opportunities.

Further afield, we stopped in Haines. It's another quirky little Alaskan town.

The Hammer Museum is below. A photo from outside was enough hammer time for me.

There were a lot of people trying to get a photo with this totem pole, one of the few I saw.

Our excursion in Haines was a rafting trip with some local guides. It wasn't white water or anything crazy, but it was very pleasant. I also had the opportunity to take some more photos.

We had a ride back from the rafting trip to the cruise ship, but decided to get off in town and take one more quick spin around town before heading back to the boat. We went in a cool little local art gallery, which had this nice sculpture outside.

Finally had to head back.

One really fun part of the cruise was getting to see Glacier Bay from that vantage point. For me this was the best part og being on the ship. They had set up a good commentary along with the viewing.

After awhile, the return trip began. We were treated to some gorgeous views and went to the deck to enjoy them. I'd been enjoying my time off the boat because unfortunately I was seasick for a majority of the time. Luckily looking back, that's not really what I remember.

One last excursion before the trip to San Francisco; we were off to Victoria, British Columbia. What a gorgeous city it is. Sadly we had only a few hours here.  
But, of course we found time to have a look around this lovely town.

I got some good tea on the main drag.

We had a little time in Sanf Francisco. We visited SF MOMA, which I guess is now the old museum. It was fun though. The world cup was on and they screened the final.

The cable cars..

.. the Transamerica building..

..and the end.

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