Friday, July 1, 2016

New Zealand Train Trip: Christchurch to S&B's Wedding in Nelson

Well I was in New Zealand, on the other side of the world. I'd soaked in Christchurch and now it was time to move on. I had to get from Christchurch to Nelson, where I'd spend a few days and get to see my dear friend marry a lovely lady I'd just met. The ceremony would be held in the town pictured below. It was a great place. From the taxi driver at the train station to the checkout ladies at the local supermarket, everyone was friendly and welcoming.

I could have gotten a rental car early or just flown in to that town, but with a train ride as an option the alternatives didn't look appealing. I didn't regret the choice, even though it meant getting up around 4 am to depart. The train was a lot of fun and was more interesting than I expected.
We set of literally at the crack of dawn.

There was plenty of morning fog. 

There would be no napping as we passed all this gorgeous scenery.

The first of many, many sheep I would see on this trip. (Insert New Zealand sheep joke here.)

Slow shutter speed didn't allow me to capture this cute kid properly.

On and on we went through stunning landscapes.

Did I say sheep?

So it was good I got up and took a walk around the train. I was blown away by this open car. Would such a thing ever be allowed in the States? I doubt it.

What fun!

It made for sensory overload with salt air, blowing wind and awesome vistas.

This was among the richest black sand beaches I've seen. We were on the ring of fire, after all.

Open car in a tunnel! I was feeling like a little kid.

What a coast! It was just a taste of what I'd experience over the next few days.

We were coming in to town...

I made my way to the resort where the wedding was held and wow.

I had a pleasant tour of the area the next day with some other wedding guests. I wasn;t sure what to expect, but it was fun; we strolled around, took in some shopping and were graced with more natural beauty from the surroundings.

After a nice morning, we had a wedding to attend!

Congratulations to the happy couple! 

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