Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Christchurch, New Zealand

New Zealand is truly a wonderful place. It's not crowded and it's still a fairly small country, so it retains a strong identity and a lot of personality. I really enjoyed my visit there so much, and was lucky to have been invited to a friend's wedding there - what a great excuse to go. I was a solo female traveler and didn't have a single problem, even when I rented a car and drove hundreds of kilometers on a tour of the South Island. 

I got to see some stunning, spectacular sights on that incredible road trip, but I started the journey on foot in Christchurch, a lovely little city.

Below, the hostel where I stayed a couple of night before continuing on. I liked the place. The staff was friendly and helpful and the other guests were quiet and respectful.

When I visited in October, Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, it was lush and green all over. The city has little parks and green spaces all over.

There are good walking streets here and some fun transportation.

There is a nice mix of good architecture too, from the modern museum above to a classic style below.

I enjoy flowers and parks very much, and I had a good chance to take tons of photos, only some of which are seen here.

I think the bird above is a little black shag.

I continued touring around the city on foot. Above and below you can see the Bridge of Remembrance, a monument ot the war dead of New Zealand.

I was there before the 2011 earthquake that did so much damage to the city.

Below, a photo from shows damage in the same square from the picture above.

Early one morning, I set off on a train trip to go up to Nelson for the wedding. It was still dark it was so early. But it was another exciting part of the journey.

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