Sunday, May 1, 2016

Buenos Aires

Several places I've been have come with high expectations, and I've learned it never bodes well for a trip. Best to keep one foot firmly planted in reality; there are no perfect destinations, problems can happen anywhere, rude people are an unfortunate fact of life. Porteños are proud of their city, and don't always take kindly to outsiders.

There is however, plenty to see in Buenos Aires, and it is quite a beautiful city.

I was surprised that there isn't really a waterfront next to open water. Where the city meets water, behind the buildings above, it's just high, grassy marshland, and not much to look at. There is a nice promenade to stroll along this inlet though.

Buenos Aires has some amazing old buildings. One of the world's most beautiful bookstores is here - El Ateneo Grand Splendid. First opened in 1919, it was converted in 2000 to a gorgeous bookshop.

There's also is brutalist architecture left from tougher times. The building above actually houses a library, National Library of the Argentine Republic or Biblioteca Nacional.

The views from inside are great.

The Recoleta Cemetary is world-famous for a good reason, and is a wonderful place to visit.

Wandering around taking photographs here was an incredible way to spend a few hours. I actually ended up returning to do it again.

There was still more to see throughout the city. It's a nice place to explore on foot, or by metro.

The metro is charming. One of the oldest systems in the world, they still have a few wooden cars.

There are also some pedestrian shopping streets, that I always love.

All in all, it's a cosmopolitan and worldly city.

I also had a good time seeing Buenos Aires by night. We found it to be safe and pleasant.

They take their lighting and mood seriously.

La Casa Rosada, the office of the President of Argentina.

We stayed in a gorgeous hotel, Hotel Boutique de Raco. It was a converted old house, seen below, with unique rooms. The proprietors were so nice. We had an excellent stay here.

Dog walking seemed to be a big thing in Buenos Aires as well as Montevideo, Uruguay. We saw several packs of dogs being walked on our stay. Obviously, it was adorable.

Making this post, I am remembering what a beautiful city Buenos Aires is. We were also lucky to have sunny weather. We visited in early June, making it late Fall in the Southern Hemisphere. It was cool but I did not bring a Winter coat.

Seen above is the Islas Malvinas (Falkland Islands) War Memorial, which has an honor guard. 

It was a worthwhile city to visit, for sure. Time to move on to our next destination, though..

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