Friday, April 1, 2016

Taiwan - Taipei Part II

Taipei had a lot to offer. I had enjoyed a world class museum, strolled through lots of cool neighborhoods, seen a few temples and eaten some tasty food, and there was still more on offer.

The Red House, above, is a historical building and cultural landmark. It features some really cool arts and crafts stands as well as some exhibits. It's easy to stop in for a look around, they sell some great postcards. It was close to where we stayed - Meander Hostel. It was a pleasant stay.
There are a ton of stores, restaurants and activity in the area as well.

Above, a nice little tea shop. Below, a funky sculpture outside of The Red House.

Things don't slow down at night.

The metro can get crowded. It was always orderly, though, and is not always crowded. The stops are named in what I assumed was Mandarin as well as English.

The photo above was taken around the corner from our hostel. It's close to the Ximen metro station. 
That made it so easy to get around, because we were also close to Taipei's Main Station. There is a large mall there, with both above and underground sections and several food courts. I had a really tasty buffet lunch at a vegetarian restaurant, and we strolled around the malls. It was a good place for people-watching.

That evening it was time to take the Metro over to Elephant Hill for a hike. From there you can get excellent views of the city. It's such a safe place to, there is no problem walking around anywhere at night. There were some small groups of people there taking photos but it wasn't crowded at all.

I had checked out some of the areas to the Northern part of the city, so now we went south to Maokong. As an avid tea drinker, I was excited to check out this well-known tea growing area and have a cuppa. The metro terminates at the Taipei Zoo, and it's just a short, easy walk to the gondola. 

From there you head to the hillside where you can stroll down little roads and stop in for tea at one of the many tea houses.

Views from the gondola were good. I bet they are amazing when there isn't a bunch of cloud cover.

It was time to start heading back...

We also had to check out another of Taipei's malls, this time because my shoes were toast and I wanted to treat myself to a new pair. I found a reasonably priced pair in this massive, six-storey mall.

We were also close to Taipei One and took a few day shots.

Taipei, like other Asia metropolises, have lots of great, little things about their ways. People who ride escalators stay to the right side to allow others who are walking up and down to pass by.

This was in the department store women's restroom. A woman, alone, in need. Where to set the baby? They have you covered.

It was also a fun time to be there.

They had just elected their first female president, seen in the large billboard above.

It's a wonderful place we enjoyed very much.

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