Saturday, April 30, 2016

Lima, Peru

When we visited the sites of Choquequirao and Machu Picchu, we transited through Lima, Peru. It was a grimy city but one with tons of character.

There is a lovely area to walk along the cliffs where the land meets the Pacific Ocean. 

This neighborhood is called Barranco, meaning 'cliffs' and is where we stayed in Lima. Our little hostel, 3B Barranco, was amazing. Not only was it just a nice little place, when I left a wallet full of money there, they sent a driver to deliver it to me at the airport. I was in awe of that service and honesty.

We also visited Central Restaurant. I am using The Worlds' 50 Best Restaurants' photo here (where Central ranks #4) because we didn't bring our cameras to dinner. It was a fabulous experience. A totally affordable 'world's best restaurant' experience - I shudder to think of what that meal might've cost in London, Paris or NYC, I'd absolutely visit again if I return. I still remember it well. A delicious meal was served then our waiter took us on a tour of the restaurant, where they have a garden and bottle their own water. It was memorable and delightful.

Lima has an interesting charm.

We didn't have as much time as originally intended in Lima because of flight delay issues, and that was unfortunate. Peru is a wonderful country.

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