Saturday, February 13, 2016

Dubai Layover

I've had the opportunity to fly Emirates and the only airline I've liked more was Singapore. Both take customer service seriously and compared to most major domestic US airlines, offer a far superior experience, even for those stuck in economy class (like myself). Since Dubai is their major hub, chances are good if you fly Emirates, you'll transit through Dubai. If there is time to leave the airport - I'd say more than six hours; we had 19 - it's worth it to have a look around the city. Getting around is simple using their metro. The metro does close at 11pm most nights, midnight on Fridays, so we had to take a taxi on our return to the airport, that was simple and fast. The city is clean, the development is amazing, and it can be quite hot.

We landed in the early morning and were able to check in to hour room even at that odd hour. It was nice to have a nap. Then it was time to see a bit of the city.

There are a lot of malls in Dubai, and they are not playing around. 

One had a large aquarium attraction, and while we did not visit it, there is another with a ski slope.

There's also a lot of cool buildings, including the famous and current-tallest Burj Khalifa.

There are some interesting looking metro stations.

And more buildings.

We did a bit of wandering around and came upon some cool old trucks that were restored.

But eventually had to make our way back to the airport. While it's the biggest and is a gorgeous building, it's not the best airport I've been to. However, there are a few places with comfortable lounge chairs, and there's a Shake Shack and other western food chains as well.

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