Monday, February 8, 2016

Bangkok Chaos

Not every place turns out to be a good trip. For me, Bangkok was not much fun. I think part of the problem is how hyped up it got over the years; I've heard so much about what an amazing place it is . As it turned out, my expectations weren't fulfilled, and I hadn't heard much about the realities of the city - it is dirty and smelly. The culture shock was some of the worst I've experienced. I wasn't fond of seeing girls for sale, everywhere. There are some aspects of the city I ended up enjoying. The temples are amazing and I can understand how the craziness of the place can be appealing.

What's a good place for a game of hacky sack? How about the train tracks..

Food delivery by motorbike,
or dine trackside.

In Bangkok, you are never far from a shopping mall, and they are expansive.

I'll take a donut pretty much anywhere.

Temples, prayers, auspicious symbols and shrines are everywhere in Thailand.

A tour boat ride can be fun, and takes you by the most famous temples.

Many Thai people are friendly and welcoming.

Traffic can be overwhelming.

There are plenty of 'red light' districts and clubs.

Bangkok was interesting, and definitely worth seeing. It's a place that I'm not sure I will plan to return to, although I know there is more to see in Thailand than just Bangkok. 

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