Sunday, February 21, 2016

48 Hours in Hong Kong

We had a whirlwind trip in Asia, and while our ultimate goal had been visiting Bangkok and Cambodia, we'd also had a long layover to explore Dubai. At that point I wasn't getting over to that part of the world very often, and I decided that since we would be relatively close, we should tack on a visit to Hong Kong since only a few extra days would  make it worthwhile, and we would be spared the hassle of obtaining a Chinese tourist visa and could simply get one at the airport upon arrival.

Hong Kong was only a few hours away fro Bangkok by plane. Coming into the city, the views are wonderful. It is quite a metropolis.

The metro, like so many other places in Asia, is a fast, convenient and cheap way to get around.

Walking Hong Kong is a lot of fun too. The first night we were there we took a stroll around the main shopping area and Victoria Harbor. It's gorgeous at night.

The Rubber Duck, an art installation by Florentijn Hofman was visiting Hong Kong at the time of our trip, and it was drawing quite a crowd.

We had to stop by for photos again during the day. It is a really fun piece of art.

Nan Lian Garden, an amazing park in Hong Kong

Like other trips, we don't eat out much but I try to treat myself to at least one nice vegetarian meal. I'd read about this place, Chi Lin Vegetarian at the Nan Lian Garden, and it looked like it would be a good place to check out.

We were not disappointed. The restaurant was tucked in this pretty structure. They had a lunch sampler, and we shared an array of excellent dishes. Unfortunately I don't have photos. The atmosphere was rather serene and quiet and I didn't want to disturb the ambience.

The rest of the garden is quite nice.

Back out in the bustle of the city, there are tons of markets and every manner of good for sale. 

The city is full of tremendous views and stunning architecture.

You can buy just about any snack...

or umbrellas from a vending machine.

Hong Kong has a fast pace and lots of people, but this was a chaos that appealed to me. I found it to be a sharp contrast to Bangkok in that while it was a hectic and almost overwhelming place, it was also relatively clean, orderly in it's layout, and had a more diverse and inclusive vibe. Ultimately I liked Hong Kong very much. After going we knew we wanted to see mainland China.

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