Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dream Road Trips

Southwest Desert Loop  
5 days min, 1193 miles

Phoenix to Joshua Tree National Park - 3h 12m
Joshua Tree National Park to Zion National Park - 5h 26m
Zion National Park to Page, AZ (Horseshoe Bend) - 1h 46m
Horseshoe Bend to Petrified Forest National Park via Canyon de Chelly - 4h 7m
Return to Phoenix - 3h 32m

Sacto Loop 
6 days minimum, 1787 miles

Sacramento to Crater Lake National Park - 5h 23m
Crater Lake National Park to Redwood Forest National Park - 3h 
Redwood Forest National Park to LA via California Pacific Coast Highway - 15h
Return to Sacramento - 5h 39m

Best of Texas
3 days minimum, 1070 miles

Austin to Marfa and Big Bend National Park - 8h 13m
Return to Austin

Eastern Canada Mega Trip 
6 days minimum, 2918 miles

Baltimore to Nova Scotia - 16h 34m
Halifax (?) to Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto -  9h 36m + 2h 51m + 5h 31m
Return to Baltimore via Detroit - 11h 53m

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