Saturday, November 28, 2015

South Africa's Garden Route: Port Elizabeth to Nyaru Game Lodge

The Garden Route was an incredible road trip. There is simply so much to see and do. While we focused on seeing natural sights, taking in impressive landscapes and being enthralled by exotic animals, there is a plethora of different types of activities to suit any taste. We wanted the safari experience and I found a great place to try: Nyaru Game Lodge. It was a reasonable distance to cover coming from Port Elizabeth, and we set off from our little B&B early enough to make good time.
The Port Elizabeth guesthouse was an easy to find little spot, family-run, called Ninety9 on Villiers. We really loved the homestay experience in South Africa.
One the road, we passed the Storm's River Gorge and decided to stop for some pictures. South Africa is a stunning place where Calla Lilies grow naturally.

Back on the road, we were again treated to courteous, conscientious drivers, good weather and amazing views, like these folks parasailing by Storm's River.

As we approached the city of Mossel Bay it became a bit overcast but didn't really rain. The Game Lodge was easy to find using the clear directions the place had provided by email.

Our room - one of the places in the building pictured, was really nice. It was comfortable and spacious and we felt so relaxed.

The greeting was lovely, the staff was really friendly and welcoming, and we could tell immediately this would be a very cool place to stay. The lodge had only just that week received a giraffe. This new animal was very special, having lost her mom very early in life, she'd been hand-fed and raised by humans. What an unbelievable experience it was to feed a giraffe from our hands.

The lodge was such a fun place. They had a pet meerkat, and some hilarious warthogs that had the run of the place. They were hilarious to watch and made a comedic trio with the pup.

For a fun day, we took a tour of the grounds with some ATVs. What a blast! I let my husband drive (like a champ) while I snapped photos. It was a great day.

The lodge is keen on conservation and naturalism. While this wild cat - a Caracal - is not fit to be released, they keep her in a large enclosure where she is encouraged to learn to hunt her own food in the hopes that one day she can be released to live on her own.

We had a nice meal at the lodge that evening, and learned a little more about rugby as the World Cup was on. All in all, it was a very memorable day.

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