Monday, September 7, 2015

Grand Cayman & Seven Mile Beach

The Cayman Islands are another Caribbean destination always seen on 'World's Best Beaches' lists. Seven Mile Beach does not disappoint. With powder white sand, gorgeous palms and crystal water, it's a fabulous destination for a quick, relaxing getaway. Even when there are a lot of people there it isn't crowded, because it is so expansive...

We decided we wouldn't need a car here. With only three days and two nights, we made the most of our time by just walking around. There is decent island public transit however, in the form of little shuttle buses that you can just flag down. We were fine walking, however. There were plenty of sidewalks when we weren't on the beach and it's a flat, compact island.

Our hotel was right on the beach, and while it had a pool we really never used it since we were so close. There were a few restaurants nearby, but we brought some food with us and only ate out once.

The walks along Seven Mile Beach were fabulous.

On the way to 'Hell', a town on the island, there is a little cemetery.

Sunsets, of course, are stunning.

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