Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Peru: Hiking to Choquequirao Part II

The first few kilometers of the hike were nothing compared to what was coming next. I saw some people coming off the trail on horseback, and then I saw the switchbacks. It was intimidating immediately. Little did I know the hike would turn out to be the most difficult physical challenge I'd ever faced. It was incredibly rewarding though and I'm so thrilled we did this. The views changed too, from impressive to awesome.

 When we arrived in camp (shown below), it was early evening. Our cooks and porters had no problem beating us to the campo by a long time and had already pitched our tents for us and gotten dinner started. The trip was certainly not budget, and I didn't know what to expect. But lunch had been filling, fresh and delicious and dinner was no different. We were even treated to snacks and tea while we waited for the main meal to be prepared, which ended up being several courses of fantastic cuisine. I couldn't believe our chef made everything from scratch with a camp stove. Unfortunately I was pretty wiped, and I'd forget to take pictures again and again of our meals. I managed to finally remember on our last day. The camp site itself was clean and next to the river. There were even bathrooms with flush toilets and showers. It was cold river water but I didn't think we'd have a shower! So I took one and it wasn't so bad. There was some time to take in the incredible night sky before turning in and quickly falling asleep.

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