Sunday, February 1, 2015

Road Trip USA Part II: Onward to Mt Rushmore

Wall, South Dakota was a really cool little town. We enjoyed being in this kitschy place.

After checking out Wall drug and running the pups around, we drove through the Black Hills, which was an incredible place.

The scenery was gorgeous, and coming up on Mt. Rushmore was amazing and impressive.

It was enough for us to see the monument, and we drove on to the Crazy Horse Memorial.

I was actually a little disappointed by how commercial the site was, and just how much it seemed there was left to be done. Considering the price of admission, I'd think it would have been completed by now.  I'm not a structural engineer though, so maybe I'm just not considering the scale of the project. The whole thing looked bigger than Mt. Rushmore.

I'm so glad we went to these places, but I'm not sure I'd return.

National Park Service: Mt Rushmore

Crazy Horse Memorial

Our next stop was to be the geographic center of the continental United States...

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