Friday, February 20, 2015

A Weekend in Prague

Many people would simply scoff at the idea of going to Europe for a long weekend. To them I usually say "What if the alternative is never going at all?" That is often the position I'm in.. I find a great deal on plane tickets, I don't have tons of paid vacation time or work is really busy, and I don't have tons of money. The best part of a short trip is you don't need a huge budget. Spend a few nights in a hotel or a cheap hostel - who cares if it isn't luxurious because you'll be home soon. You don't have to worry about tons of meals on a short trip, or packing a lot of stuff. It's also easier to find a dog-sitter when they only have to do a few days.

We decided to bounce off to Prague for a long weekend. We'd land and have that day, the next day and day after, then we'd leave. Simple enough and it was very satisfying.

 Prague has many gorgeous metro stations
 As bomb shelters, they are deep underground and have cool escalators.

Prague is a classic, beautiful city. Many cities with rivers have great viewpoints, and Prague was no exception. There is all sorts of stuff to see and photograph.

The people seemed really nice, even though the city was bit overrun with tourists.

We stopped in a torture museum, totally worth it.

We even found time to take a train to Dresden, Germany.

The scenery was gorgeous.

Crossing borders on Europe is so easy.

I liked Dresden, but we went on a Sunday and a ton of stuff was closed. I'd go back but probably not on a Sunday again.

We spent our final night in Prague and jetted out the next day, eyes wider, minds more open, experiences enriched.

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