Saturday, January 31, 2015

Road Trip USA Part I: Badlands National Park

Gas has gotten cheap again, making the road trip a great option once again. I can be a powerhouse driver too, and can tackle distances of 6-800 miles in one day. Getting to South Dakota from the East coast wasn't hard. We made our first pit stop in Madison, Wisconsin after a long day on the road.

So many green fields on the open road

Rolling through the land of 1000 Lakes...

Over the bridges of Wisconsin....

Finally crashing at La Quinta.. 

La Quinta is our favorite dog-friendly hotel chain. This location was on the outskirts of St.Paul/Minneapolis and was really nice. Friendly staff, clean and quiet.

Up in the morning to get back on the open road...

Starting to see the bales, I know we're almost there

Finally, 1350 miles later, we had reached the Dakotas. We had to make another pit stop in Fargo to check out the city since my man has family roots there. It was a nice place, and had lots of interesting old signs. Small and very much American. Oddly, we ran into Asian exchange students at a gas station. They were really interested in our dogs.

Now we really were almost there. The Badlands didn't disappoint and were an incredible place to gaze at, enjoy, and photograph.

Prairie Dogs!

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