Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Travel Bug

I always wanted to travel, and couldn't afford to and didn't know how until I got older. Once I figured out some tricks, I made it to a lot of different places.

Art was the initial impetus for me to start traveling, so I went to one of the cultural centers of the world: Rome, Italy. At the time, it was still important to find a friend who would let me sleep on their couch or prepare meals in their kitchen. I also frequented many hostels at this time to keep costs down. This isn't as important to me now, but ten years ago it was essential for a successful trip.

Sometimes it's worth it to sacrifice a little comfort for a great experience. Many people have asked how or why I'd only visit a great city like Rome for only 4 or 5 days. However, for me a short trip is vastly preferable to not going at all. That is the choice I've often made, but still have had enriching, memorable experiences in spite of a tight budget and schedule.

Rome is an incredible city, and there is no shortage of things to see and do. There are a plethora of little cafes and gelato shops to stop for a treat. Every street corner seems to offer an opportunity to snap photos.  Even a simple stroll down the street can turn into a world history lesson.
A short trip to Rome cemented my desire to continue traveling, and it would be the first of many places I'd come to love. 

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