Monday, December 29, 2014

Aruba on $600

Eagle Beach is one of the world's nicest.

Aruba really is "one happy island."
And it's definitely worth renting a car to explore the other side of the island. It doesn't have very good beaches, but there's other stuff to see.

All in all a great place to visit.

I scored a cheap trip to Aruba after seeing a few good deals on a travel agency's website. I was then able to lower the cost even further by noting the airline and hotel mentioned in the travel agency advertisement, then searching for my own flight and room on those websites. The trip was around $600 per person for 4 nights. I brought along a few things to eat (you cannot bring fresh fruit or vegetables, some meats and some cheeses into foreign countries). You can bring things like: protein bars, a box of pasta, a box of cereal, a jar of peanut butter, or a bag of rice. You can also usually bring tea, coffee and powdered drink mixes. At the destination you can pick up fresh fruits and veggies and some juice or milk. We ate most of our meals that way.

There is a bus in Aruba that is cheap and easy to use as well. When we wanted to get to into the city of Oranjestad, we just took the bus. Otherwise we just walked.

Our splurge, which isn't a necessary thing for anyone to do while in Aruba, was to rent a 4x4 for a day. We did some off-roading on the less explored Eastern side of the island, which was a really fun day. Renting that jeep was around another 100 bucks, plus a bit for gas, which wasn't that expensive. We didn't even use a full tank. The rental process was so easy - they just brought the vehicle to our hotel, we filled out some paperwork and got a map, and off we went.
*I highly recommend to anyone traveling abroad that they learn to drive a stick shift, and how to tell if you need regular or diesel gasoline

Our rental

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